YOPEY Befriender during pandemic

In normal times this charity runs befriending schemes between schools and care homes, mainly in the East of England. We have contributed to homes being upgraded by the CQC. After the pandemic ends, we will be returning to this.
During the pandemic we are running four initiatives so young people can continue to support care home residents:
• Young people write open letters to care home residents via YOPEY. We will share these letters with many care homes to try to find each young person a penpal. However, we know all our letters are read by or to residents and are showing the elderly that young people are thinking about them at a time when they are more isolated than ever. For more information about this initiative visit our Facebook page @IwanttohelpCareHomeResidents.
• Young people compile activities for care home residents to do, such as crosswords, word searches and riddles. 

• Young people are making short videos to entertain the elderly. YOPEY puts the videos into YOPEY Virtual Variety Shows. As well as traditional variety acts such as singers and dancers, young people are also making videos of interesting places, their holidays and pets. YOPEY will consider any video that is under 5 minutes, not offensive and could spark reminisces by the elderly. For more information visit our Facebook page @YoungEntertainElderly and watch finished shows on YouTube by searching YOPEY Virtual Variety Shows.
• YOPEY are making art to decorate care homes. 
Sometimes these initiatives cross over. For example, a young man made a video of himself leading exercises that residents could do while seated. A young woman videoed herself in time-lapse drawing a picture for residents to colour in.
To take part in any of these initiatives email hello@yopey.org with the initiative/s you are interested in and your name and age and a contact telephone number – this should be for a responsible adult if you are aged under 18. We will send you more information and an application form to take part.
For each initiative completed successfully, we will award you a certificate.
There is no need to register on yopeybefriender.org unless you go to a school that is taking part in one of the initiatives.