YOPEY Befriender during pandemic

In normal times this charity runs befriending schemes between schools and care homes, mainly in the East of England. We have contributed to homes being upgraded by the CQC. After the pandemic ends, we...

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A few exchanges between young people and their elderly friends

AGE OF WISDOM – extracts from visit reports by YOPEY Befrienders:
“Douglas is 96! He spoke about his wife but exclaimed that she isn’t in heaven because there is no such thing as god and that we live...

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Befriending benefits young & old

Every Sunday afternoon the old man would wait at the window for that first glimpse of his friend coming to visit him. Before she entered the care home, Mary would always smile and wave at him.


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A YOPEY Befriender is a young person who volunteers to visit a care home near their school and befriend lonely residents, many of them with dementia. YOPEY Befrienders are easing loneliness while learning life lessons and vital skills for the future.

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