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This website is for young people who have joined YOPEY Befriender to visits people in care homes or to support them 'virtually' by writing letters etc. You too can register to be one of them after you have paid your joining fee at


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Befrienders share their experiences

Every Sunday afternoon the old man would wait at the window for that first glimpse of his friend coming to visit him. Before she entered the care home, Mary would always smile and wave at him.

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Enjoy the wisdom of your elders

Fascinating and fun exchanges between YOPEY Befrienders and their elderly friends contained in visit reports by our young volunteers...

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To see how our YOPEY Befrienders are doing, see our leaderboards.

A YOPEY Befriender is a young person who volunteers to visit a care home near their school and befriend lonely residents, many of them with dementia. YOPEY Befrienders are easing loneliness while learning life lessons and vital skills for the future.

For more about the YOPEY Befriender scheme and our Privacy Notice visit our About page